SUNS Pipeline can provide matched SUNS Brand gaskets for pipes and fittings, the material include SBR, NBR and EPDM, we suggest to use EPDM gasket, their properties as following: 

Material Chemical Composition Properties Usage
SBR Butadiene and styrene Outstanding abrasion resistance, aging and heat resistance are better than natural rubber, other properties are close to natural rubber Portable Water Pipe
NBR Butadiene and acrylonitrile Good oil resistance and heat resistance, working temperature up to 150 ℃, air tightness and water resistance good and strong adhesive ability Waste Water Pipe
EPDM Ethylene, propylene and diene terpolymer Good Chemical Resistance (except concentrated nitric acid only), Outstanding ozone and weathering resistance, outstanding resistance to aging, long-term using at 120 ℃ environment Portable Water Pipe, above Ground