XUANSHI and the origin of SUNS

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Origin of XUANSHI
SUNS group is located in Gaoping city of Shanxi Province and in ancient time, Gaoping city was called “XUANSHI”. At that time the local high quality coal can directly smelt iron ore, thus as early as in the period of the Spring and Autumn, Gaoping(XUANSHI) took the lead in entering the Iron Age from the Bronze Age. Later in the time of Ming and Qing dynasty and the Republic of China, Gaoping witnessed a period of great prosperity of casting industry when just only Gaoping’s ironware output accounts for 20% of the whole country’s, which is very rare, the company is named “XUANSHI”, aimed at passing on the history of Gaoping casting industry and strengthening the local manufauture industry.

Origin of SUNS
Since 2000, international trade business of the company has been expanding, however, the company name “XUNASHI” is difficult to pronounce for foreign clients. Therefore the company specially decided to use the title “SUNS” with the meaning of sunshine and bright future. Thus SUNS is not only the trademark of the company, but also is convenient for the foreign clients.